Answer To Controversies About Kaduna To Abuja Train 

As it was gathered by Arewa Gossip 

For those asking about the train, it is quite comfortable and hassle-free. They kept to time. While coming back, we were late to the station and came by 5:53PM. We left Kaduna by 6PM prompt. A minute later and we’d have missed it.
All coaches are fully air-conditioned and refreshments are sold in the train. Movies are played too. They are playing a Gerard Butler movie right now.
From Abuja to Kaduna was a flat rate of 1050. No class demarcation. Everyone got Second Class.
From Kaduna to Abuja they gave us options so we took first class. 1500. There is no difference between the two. Potato, potatoe. 

On our way to Kaduna I asked the conductor several questions and he regaled us with stories of people who got killed by trains. He said some people intentionally or unintentionally stayed in front of the train and got crushed to pieces. Even yesterday a young boy got knocked down and he doubts if he would survive.
People drink, smoke and fall asleep on the tracks. People attempt to perform stunts they see on TV in front of a moving train. People conscientiously commit suicide by standing in front of the train.
About 90 cows died last year because they couldn’t move away on time.

One remarkable thing he said was, the train could stop if it wanted to. That notion that moving trains can’t stop is a lie. They can stop anywhere they want but they are asked to stop only in cases of dire emergencies. So they’d see a man sleeping on the tracks and even though they could stop if they wanted to, they go ahead and crush him. He said most times nothing remained of their bodies. And if the relatives of the deceased come to take the bodies, they pay 150,000 before the remains are released. The government could actually sue the relatives of the deceased for the actions of the late man.
Fascinating isn’t it? I’ll ask a question about this later.
Our trains are supposed to go 200km/hr, but because the tracks are yet to be fenced and people and cattle keep trespassing and getting killed, they were ordered not to exceed 100km/hr so the impact would not be as fatal.
The 14 year old boy that was hit yesterday, the train actually stopped because of him. The only reason he did not die at the spot was because they were going at 100km/hr. If it had been 200, death at the spot.
The conductor also said Abuja-Kaduna route gets an average of 1200 passengers everyday. So by my calculations, they make at least 1.2 million everyday.
By the way, there’s a really important person in this train. There are about 7 security personnels wearing too serious suits and carrying walkie-talkies. Also there are army guys carrying guns and following him about and plainclothes policemen walking up and down bringing down the curtains.
All in all, it was a really nice trip. No motion sickness, no gallops, no stopping to refuel,  access to refreshments, you could walk around and also use the restroom.
I may or may not write about my Kaduna experience later, but till then, apart from the freezing AC, this is my best mode of transportation so far. That is till I enter a blimp. Or Elon Musk’s rocket to Mars.
Credit: Chijioma Chinonyerem

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