President Emmerson Mnangagwa – Robert Mugabe died from cancer.

Former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe reportedly died from cancer after a chemotherapy treatment which was no longer effective was stopped at a Singaporean hospital he was admitted in.

WikiLeaks in 2011 reported that Robert Mugabe who died at the age of 95 had prostate cancer which also affected other organs. The report was denied by top government officials at that time.

conferring to a state owned newspaper reported that President Emmerson Mnangagwa made the disclosure while addressing party members in New York where he is attending this week’s United Nations General Assembly, but he did not disclose the type.

“Treatment had stopped, doctors had stopped treatment, chemotherapy, one, because of age and also because the cancer had spread and it was not helping anymore,” Mnangagwa was quoted saying by The Herald newspaper on Monday.

The  late Zimbabwean leader body is currently kept at his Blue Roof residence in Harare as it is expected he will be buried in a mausoleum at Zimbabwe’s national shrine reserved for liberation war fighters which is still under construction.

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