Lydia Forson Confirms Ghanaians Are Obsessed With Sex

Ghanaian actress, writer, and producer, Lydia Forson confirm to the media that her country people are too addicted to getting laid and it’s becoming a societal threat.

While stories about sex spread like wildfire in Ghana while a humanitarian gesture done by individuals and organizations do not get the needed reach, has concluded that Ghanaians are obsessed with sex.

According to  her countrymen are quick to condemn people who openly talk about sex but they are obsessed with it.

Lydia Forson who stated that Ghanaians are overly obsessed with issues of sex, said; “Ghanaians are OBSESSED with sex. They’ll act shocked, disgusted and quote scripture to anyone who talks openly about it.

“But there’s a reason why a story with a sexual reference will spread faster than one about raising money to build a school”.

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