Ex-President Asks APC To Account For N14 Trillion It Budget For Nigeria

Ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has asked the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government to account for the N14 trillion ‎which it claimed it budgeted in the last two years for Nigeria.

This he said while denouncing claims by ‎the ruling party that he looted public treasury during his tenure as Nigeria’s president.

He was also reacting to an alleged statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Bolaji Abdullahi, in which he was quoted to have said that “Nobody could have looted like Jonathan”.

Recall, Abdullahi had said he will release a new book titled ‘On a Platter of Gold’, a book he wrote on the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, in October 2017.

Abdullahi, who was a Minister in Jonathan’s government, described the book as an exclusive account of the “making and the unmaking” of the former Nigerian leader.

However, in the statement issued on his behalf by Reno Omokri, his spokesman, Jonathan said that it was funny that no evidence of looting had been established against him, yet the APC spokesman said he looted public treasury.

“Why the APC continues to circulate beer parlor gossip, I wouldn’t know. Even the Nigerian Senate headed by a former PDP governor now APC Senate President accused the APC Federal Government for spreading beer parlour rumour on corruption (front page of the Daily Sun Friday September 8, 2017). Bolaji’s statement is another beer parlour propaganda.”

“The APC government has budgeted over N14tr in the last two years. Bolaji should tell Nigerians what the government has done with the money. Nigerians will not know the level of corruption in Bolaji’s APC government till another government takes over.”

“A government that harbors a man who was indicted by a duly constituted Judicial Commission and even makes him a minister has no moral authority to point fingers at others.”

“Finally, I appeal to Bolaji Abdullahi and the APC to focus on explaining to Nigerians why despite the fact that it claims to have recovered almost 2 trillion from the Jonathan administration, Nigeria still wants to borrow 1.6 trillion.”

“With the amount ‘recovered’, Nigeria should have had enough not to borrow and a little extra on top to lend to others.”

“These lies only go to show that you can use propaganda to get to power, but you cannot use propaganda to stay in power,” the statement which was posted on his Facebook page read in part.

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