Eargasm: Why i blame Kaduna Entertainment Industry Not the Organizers

Why i blame Kaduna Entertainment Industry Not the Organizers

Eargasm hmmm been really silent about the whole thing but i think i should just speak Up

Seeing different posts online talking about how an event be held in Kaduna and there’s no single Kaduna artiste on stage ……… Yea there isn’t i agree to that but lets look from this perspective is there an standard FORUM or rather a platform that regulates the Kaduna Entertainment Industry which people could contact for a proposed event.

Did i just say that ? hmmm does anything like Kaduna Entertainment Industry Exist well i don’t so.

I want each and everyone to know that nobody will value what you gave value not too yes the artist in Kaduna i must say are talented in fact some of them does more fascinating music than our so called celebrity but the truth is their effort will forever be frustrated until things are properly done in the right ways.

It is in this same Kaduna we have Kaduna Entertainment Award and Crock-City Award which to me make no sense at all and maybe that is part of the reason the award isn’t recognized and doesn’t go beyond Kaduna i doubt if even it goes round the State.

I could remember talking to a top notch Kaduna Entertainer about doing creating a legal and proper Platform for Entertainment Industry about 2 years ago and all he could say to me is “Its only God that can Help Us” imagine will GOD in heaven come down to help you when you do nothing? Do you think Lagos grew to that level waiting for manners from heaven.

My people i am not condemning the Industry because am also part of it and the growth of this industry is a way forward for me to.

I believe in a great KADUNA ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY in FUTURE so i will urge each and everyone of us to sit up and start doing something, play the card the way it should be played be you a DJ, ARTIST, PRODUCER, MC, HYPE MAN, BLOGGER get up and do something the FUTURE IS NOW.


Talking about the ORGANIZERS

Yea they did lots of things not right like the amount fixed for the gate fee N5,000, 100k, 200k and 1.5million are you kidding me in Kaduna?

They should have at least also get to contact some Kaduna Based Artist and next time please proper awareness and publications should be made i just cant imagine how such event will be made and i didnt see Sky Scrapper posters or  jingles on TV.







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