Olex Don P (OLUWALONSHOLA) EP Released

Finally coming through is the “OLUWALONSHOLA  an EP coming from Don P Olex, the indigineous yoruba street Rapper/Singer making the first quarter of 2018 memorable for his fans.

On 8th April Olex don P together with all Berutainment crew host a shut down at Chimcherry Hotel

On that same day was an AWARD night after the launch of his EP “OLUWALONSHOLA” which is officially going viral.

The tracklist for The OLUWALONSHOLA EP is finally released, meanwhile you already know he will never disappoint!

So put the weights of your hand downward and click below to DOWNLOAD|LISTEN|ENJOY and don’t be to stingy to SHARE


1. Oluwalonshola

  OLUWALONSHOLA (unknown, 101 hits)

2. Jawonlaya 

  JAWONLAYA (unknown, 86 hits)

3. Wagayi

  WAGAYI (unknown, 80 hits)

4. Pending

5. Wu Be Boss

  WU BE BOSS (unknown, 79 hits)

6. Happy Day

  Happy Day (unknown, 75 hits)

7. DunDun Vibes Ft. Dot Man

  Dundun vibes (unknown, 64 hits)


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